You need to log-in into Then you need to select the option Zara pre-owned –Resell and follow the steps to list your items.

Provide as much information in your item description as possible, including measurements, fit details and any blemishes. Your listings should contain clear and thorough descriptions.

Make sure you price your items fairly.

See “How should I photograph my items?” for a guide on taking pictures of your garments.

Ensure that the images you include in the listing are a good representation of the product.

Please consider:

  • Positioning: Ensure the whole item is in the image. This would include images of the front, back, sides, etc. Give ample room on all sides so there is adequate depth and perception of the item. We recommend having items laid flat or hung up.
  • Background: Use a clean and withe backdrop so as not to distract from the garment.
  • Lighting & colour: Make sure there is good lighting. Most buyers look for imperfections and color resemblance based on light. We suggest using bright and natural light as much as possible while ensuring patterns, and details of items come though.
  • Tags: If an item still has its original tags, packaging, or labels, it’s useful to photograph these elements.
  • Imperfections: Items may not be perfect and that’s ok! Please try and highlight any imperfections (pulls, scuffs, stains, holes, etc.) in the images.
  • Please do not include brand images of the garment featured on models as your listing will be denied.

Once your item has been sold, you will receive a label which you should print and take your selling to your nearest drop point location following the instructions we will send to you by email. You must send the item within 3 business days. If you have not shipped your item within 10 days, your transaction will be canceled. You do not have to pay extra for shipping.

We suggest keeping proof of the postage address so you can prove that this has been sent correctly.

You can sell Zara products through our Resell Corner. Once approved, we will place them in your gallery for any customer to purchase.

Our dedicated quality team reviews every item before it goes live. We want to make sure your buyer is happy! We review:

  • Your pictures and descriptions: so they are accurate and high quality
  • Blemishes or quirks: to make sure they are accurately described
  • The condition you selected: to make sure it accurately reflects your images

If you’re selling items, ensure it’s in its best quality. Following the care instructions, make sure your clothing is laundered and clean. Check to make sure there’s nothing left in any pockets.

Your packaging should fit the size and shape of your item while keeping it protected. We encourage you to reuse packaging from previous purchases or recycled materials.

You, as the seller, will only be paid for your item after it has been delivered and confirmed. When shipping provider notifies our system, the item has been delivered, the buyer has 3 days to confirm and rate the item. Once this happens, we will release your payment via Stripe. You will receive 100% of the sale price.

Please verify that all information is included, such as the Item description, price and size of your item so your listing can be submitted for approval.

If you keep on having any issue, we suggest you contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help you.

If you don’t ship your Order in 10 days, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and we will notify the buyer, who will receive a refund

If you don’t locate your item anymore, please contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help you.

Currently, we offer the Zara Resell Corner in the UK only.

Yes. This can happen in the following cases:

  • Ignoring our terms and conditions
  • To have offensive behaviour towards another member
  • Sell counterfeit items or Not Zara items
  • Engage in fraudulent activities
If you need any further information about any product ( Condition details, pictures or sizing ), you are able to send the seller a message using the option “Ask for details” which can be found on the product listing page. We will forward your message to the seller and ask them to update the product page with the information you requested. We suggest you to add this product to your favourites, so you can see if the seller updates the product page with the information you requested. Please keep in mind that the seller reserves the right not to update the product information.